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Hands up if own or manage a business and find it so unbelievably hard to create content for social media and online pages.

I sympathise. Constantly creating new and inspiring posts is almost a full time job in itself, not counting the fact that usually, there's more than one page or platform to update. It's a never ending cycle of taking photos, hoping they look good enough and trying not look stale while also trying to get on with the job in hand. Who has time for all that! 

This year I am looking to work with small and medium size businesses to see how great quality, well thought through images will boost the profile of your business. Yes - it really does matter!

Maybe you're a business owner who doesn't dare delve into the darkness of social media because well, it's for kids and you have a website already so how is Facebook or Twitter going to help?

Let's chat. I'd love to talk to you about how your online platforms will create a community for your business, engage your current and future customers, build your brand and encourage loyalty. Of course, the main way I can help is by creating some fabulous content for your pages - no more stock images or pinching stuff from the internet (hoping nobody will notice because actually, there's a good chance they will). Create your own library, consistent with your brand and business vision. 

I am offering preferential rates through to June 2018 for people who want to get in touch.

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